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Commercial Locksmith Services New York City

Alpha’s qualified technicians can assist with your safety and security needs for your business in
all five NYC boroughs and Long Island. We understand conducting business is vital to survival.
Protect your property, your personnel, and your assets so you’re prepared for anything. We’ve
got everything from locks and cylinders to electronic access controlled CCTV and DVR systems,
and we do installations as well as repairs.

We are here to answer your questions, get in touch today.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Storefront and FDNY window gates

  • Voice/Video intercoms

  • Door Closers and Push Bars

  • Alarmed products

  • Key duplication

  • Fobs, keypads and Card Access

  • Safe sales, installation, and opening

  • ​Master Key systems

Alpha Security Solutions works with government buildings, schools, hospitals, property
management companies, Real Estate agents, and many others.

How Commercial Locksmith Services Can Help Your Company in New York City?

Local locksmith services are needed in various industries, including commercial and industrial establishments. Locksmiths are required in offices far more frequently than we believe. Locksmiths are required even by persons who own cars since they may provide mobile key replacement. An office building's security may be significantly improved by hiring a modern locksmith firm if you own a business or are an executive in one. Your company's security can be enhanced considerably by hiring our well-known commercial locksmith Manhattan New York City service. Thus, the office's overall safety is greatly enhanced.

Rekey commercial locks

People within or outside your company could be able to steal essential resources more efficiently if your security staff changes. Inventory might be one of these resources. The loss of stock may have a severe impact on your company's bottom line and cause considerable revenue reductions. Because of this, it is essential for business leaders to ensure that all of the locks have been rekeyed by a commercial locksmith Brooklyn whenever there is a change in security staff. To prevent staff theft and attempted robbery, this must be done quickly.

Property owners' master key

A commercial locksmith services new york USA can be of great use to you if you own a building that houses several tenants. You can request a commercial locksmith services NYC to make you a master key that gives you access to all of your apartments. Because a master key saves you the time to arrange and utilize each key, it is essential. The use of a master key does not compromise the safety and privacy of the tenants. The fact that a professional lock repair company is being used to keep the housing facility as safe as possible helps them feel more comfortable.


Office lock repair

Companies offering commercial locksmith near me services are looking to work with companies who are highly concerned about their security and will not accept broken or damaged locks. Thieves can get into your office when you have a weak or defective lock. A company can't afford to take this kind of risk. This is why having contact for an emergency commercial locksmith near me New York City is a must-have in any security plan.


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